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5 Things to Know About Sewer Pipe Inspections


Sewer systems take a lot of abuse. Just like any other infrastructure, sewer pipes eventually degrade or become damaged due to tree root invasion. Unfortunately, many homes are connected to aging pipes that were installed decades ago, and many homeowners can benefit from having their pipes replaced or repaired.
Before you can address the problem, a sewer pipe inspection must be performed. Here’s what you need to know about this process:
1. Inspections Should be Scheduled Every Year
2. Inspections are Simple and Effective
3. Potential Home Buyers Should Always Get a Sewer Inspection
4. Inspections Should be Performed by a Trained Professional
5. Inspections Can Help You Find Simple Solutions to Small Problems
Sometimes, an inspection will reveal waste build-up in pipes, which can cause clogging. This is usually due to the accumulation of mineral layers, organic material and grease.
If left untouched, these problems could progress into bigger issues that damage your pipes and potentially damage your home. For problems like this, there’s typically a simple and relatively inexpensive solution. Hydro-jetting for example, can clear out debris and clogs without damaging the pipes or hurting the environment. Hydro-jetting sends a highly pressurized stream of water through your pipes (similar to pressure washing your house), which leaves your pipes squeaky clean.

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