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Advantages of mountain city sewage inlet gallery


The advantages of mountainous city sewage inlet corridors are similar to those of plain cities. For example, it is more convenient to operate and maintain, prolong the service life of sewage pipelines, and avoid leakage and leakage of sewage pipelines caused by settlement.

In addition, the slope of mountainous city roads is large, and the slope of the terrain can be fully utilized in local sections, and the gravity gravity discharge of sewage can be ensured without increasing the depth of the pipeline. The construction cost of mountainous cities is relatively high, the width of road sidewalks and green belts is narrow, and the rainwater and sewage pipelines are limited by the space of the pipelines and are often arranged on the motorway. The sewage inlet gallery can greatly reduce the number of inspection wells on the motorway, improve driving comfort, and integrate various pipelines into the integrated pipe gallery, which is conducive to intensive use of underground space and provide convenient conditions for the development of urban underground space.

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