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Characteristics of a sewer line camera inspection


A sewer line camera inspection has unique characteristics. The video for the camera indicates specific distances out from the point where the camera was inserted. Estimating how many feet of cable is inserted has historically been quite inaccurate, so this is a marked improvement in terms of accuracy. Knowing the exact point of a problem also is very helpful in deciding what course of sewer repair action to take .

A sewer line camera inspection can be very helpful. In the case of this particular sewer problem it allowed for a spot repair that averted a complete sewer replacement that would cost thousands of dollars more.

A very important fact about a sewer camera inspection is that the camera magnifies images it captures. Frequently this means that minor imperfections appear to be major flaws in the drain pipe. Unless stoppages or constant sewer cleaning is needed, be vary wary of repairing a sewer line based solely on a sewer line camera inspection .

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