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Pipeline blockage four types of dredge method


1. Opening method: This method adopts this method for flue pipes that cannot be accessed manually and is difficult to disassemble. The technician uses a special non-sparking hole opening tool to open one or more holes of the pipe. The size, distance and quantity of the holes are according to the site. Depending on the situation, the pipeline is sealed and restored after the oil is cleaned.

Second, the machine equipment cleaning method: For less oil, the cleaning cycle is short, the flue is cleaned by this method, first spray the cleaning agent inside the pipe to soften the oil, and then use a 30-meter-long electric soft shaft brush to clean the oil. This method is used in a vertical flue of 30 cm square, a hidden small flue that cannot be accessed manually and is inconvenient to disassemble. This is not easy to clean and it is easy to accumulate oil to shorten the cleaning cycle.

Third, the manual entry method: For parallel flue pipes larger than 40 cm square can be manually drilled for cleaning, this method is labor intensive, need to pay attention to strengthen ventilation, equipped with low voltage (36 volt) lighting power supply.

4. Disassembly method: When the flue is less than 40 cm square, this method is adopted when the labor cannot enter. The technicians remove the flue at a certain distance and extend it to the two sides according to the actual situation on the site. This method has good effect and is more difficult. Large, high cost.

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