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Shenzhen underground integrated pipe gallery


In 2005, Shenzhen completed the Dameisha-Yantianyu comprehensive pipe gallery with a length of more than 2,600 meters. The pipe gallery houses the water supply and drainage pipes and telecommunication cables, and is equipped with lighting, fire protection and monitoring equipment. This pipe gallery mainly supplies the domestic sewage from the Dameisha area directly to the Yantian sewage treatment plant, thus protecting the Dameisha beach from pollution. This is an exploration of Shenzhen in the construction of integrated pipe corridors.

In 2008, a large-scale pipe gallery with a length of about 9 kilometers was built 10 meters underground at the three main roads of Huaxia Road, Guangqiao Road and Sightseeing Road in Guangming New District, Shenzhen. Water supply, electricity, communication, comprehensive monitoring, fire protection and drainage More than 30 pipelines of various lines such as ventilation and lighting engineering are concentrated here, and people can walk upright in the passage. In the future, Guangming District will continue to build a comprehensive pipe corridor, which is expected to reach 22.5 kilometers in 2020.

The total length of the integrated pipe gallery planned for the Qianhai Sea is 8.15 kilometers, which is mainly set along the Shuangjiehe Road, Nautical Road, Dongbin Road and Xinghai Avenue.

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