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200m cable deep water inspection

  • Professional High-definition Industrial Endoscope

    Professional High-definition Industrial Endoscope

    Basic parameters Processing customization: Is Use: Pipeline Probe Diameter: Diameter 50mm, length 120mm (mm) Test field angle: 360 degree rotation lens, visible no dead angle (°) Waterproof Grade: IP68 Lens Sapphire Mirror Rugged Working length: 60/90/120 Meter Super long line...
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  • Hard Push Rod Cable Industrial Endoscope

    Hard Push Rod Cable Industrial Endoscope

    The industrial endoscope is mainly used for the video inspection of the 60-400mm municipal pipelines, residential buildings, commercial building, factory buildings and other indoor pipelines. The system consists of fiberglass hard push rod cable, wire frame, HD camera and controller. Hard Wire Plate One...
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